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We Deserve This

Whatever Show

Cool, Thanks at UCB

RomCom Show

Blessed at Improv Lab

Moral Support at El Cid

Lez Stand Up at The Virgil

Lez Stand Up at The Siren

Legitimate Goddamn Theatre at UCB

Cool Shit/Weird Shit at UCB

It Sucked Awards at UCB

HelloGiggles: Live at UCB

Show Show Show at UCB

Sketch Showdown at UCB

A Cheap Pair of Jordans at Improv Lab

Gays R Us at Hollywood Improv

The Satellite Presents: John Early with

Fresh Out at UCB

Throwback Friday at UCB

Joke Karaoke at Funny Women Fest

Comedy at Clockshop


Talking Pictures at The Downtown Independent

UCB Black History Month Comedy Hour

Crashbar at UCB

UCB's Del Close Marathon

Hurt White Feelings

Sweet Valley Improv

Dunkmore and The Smokes at UCB

Charm School and The Smokes at UCB

Women! Comedy! Festival! 2013

Sunday Best

Travel Size

Wednesday Night Riot

Icky Pep

The Lockdown

Mandatory Friend Time

The Holy Moly Show

Black Monday

Hot Improv Nights

Cherry Crush

The Local

Room 101

One Love


Fernando's Bris

The Erin and Melissa Show

Danger Room


Animal Garage

Dark and Stormy


Ski Doo Secrets

I Scream Sundays

The Wrangle

Extra Credit

Space Face

No You Don't, Oprah

Thomas Angel Foundation Benefit Show

Hate Mail

Trick Chair 

The Manifesto Show

Space Dangerous

The Hold Up at The Two Dollar Store

Breakfast for Dinner